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Artists’ Tales

Belia Winnewisser | The Sailing Stones Experience [Tunisia]

The Sailing Stones residency experience was very important for me. Now I think about it more than thinking while being there; I have a lot of energy since I’m back, and I think I feel that way because of all the respect everyone had during the festival. It didn’t matter if you were an artist, organizer or a helping hand; everything somehow melted into one, which was very strong and beautiful.

I learned a lot about the culture and about different ways of making music, since I work alone most of the time. I laughed hard during the residency; there is always a big smile on my face when I think back and remember those days.

Belia Winnewisser: Musician and composer
Participated in the Sailing Stones Festival’s residency workshop and performed in the festival – April 2019 (Tunisia)