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3 sisters… Swiss- Egyptian collaboration – work in progress

“A time will come, everyone will understand what’s the point, all that, what’s the point of these sufferings, there will be no mystery, but for now, we must live … must work! “

Swiss theater director Philippe Macasdar will be in Cairo, preparing for his performance 3 sisters, in collaboration with Egyptian theater director and playwright Salam Yousry.

Inspired by Checkov’s comedy drama about the Russian society in the beginning of the twentieth century, “3 sisters” is trying to address some reflections of the Egyptian society nowadays, which Macasdar thinks they are similar to Checkov’s.

After visiting Egypt twice in the past 5 years, Macasdar felt the connection between the two societies in those different time frames; and felt the urge of working with Egyptian artists on this concept. The workshop is coordinated by Egyptian artist Salam Yousry and includes many Egyptian talents.

The final performance is expected to come to the light in February 2019.